In its 35th year the law firm of Mehler & Buscemi has represented all phases of the alcoholic beverage industry. This boutique firm, which concentrates its efforts in a very complex and highly regulated industry, has helped many businesses such as liquor stores, restaurants, night clubs, taverns, hotels, groceries and wholesalers achieve their goals. Whether it is the formation of the entity, the review and negotiation of a lease, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate, representing the licensee before the New York State Liquor Authority at interviews,hearings or litigating matters in the New York State or Federal Courts when a license is in jeopardy, this firm has represented thousands of licensees and has helped them understand what it takes to succeed in their legal obligations.

Mehler & Buscemi also represents trade associations and has been called upon by governmental study committees as well as the New York State Liquor Authority to give its views on the ever changing climate relating to the alcoholic beverage industry. The firm understands the unique problems surrounding the business of trafficking in alcohol and can serve those that truly want excellent representation in the field.